How can I flash a laptop when I have forgotten the password?

How can I flash a laptop when I have forgotten the password?
How can I flash a laptop when I have forgotten the password?

Today am going to disclose with you how you can easily reset your windows10 password without reset Disc or any software.

But first of all, this method am about to teach you will erase all your install files, so if you don’t want to lose any of your installed apps pls don’t embark on this step.

First:  You have to boot on your computer and wait until it gets to where it requested for the password, just like in the picture below.

Here what you have to do now is to locate SHIFT key on your keyboard, press hold on the shift key, and then use the other of your hand to scroll to shutdown logo on ur screen, click on it and then select RESTART,

Pls keep on holding on the SHIFT key until it goes off and come back to that place in the picture below;

Here just select Troubleshoot,   to proceed to next stage,

Here you have to select RESET THIS PC and proceed to the below picture.

Here, in the above photo select REMOVE EVERYTHING, once selected, the computer will go off, pls allow it to turn on itself and get to that place in the pictures below,

Here you have to select JUST REMOVE MY FILES, to avoid cleaning both the files You have on your hard drives, Once done, the next stage in the picture below will appear.

At this stage select Reset,

Once RESET is selected the computer will start counting numbers, pls allow it to get to 100, which may take some time.

Once it is done counting you will automatically have access to your pc.

Thanks to every one…..

In case you have any difficulties in doing this pls do contact us for assistance.


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