How to easily Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC using dr.fone-Transfer (iOS)

Dr.fone-transfer is one of the best iPhone toolkit.

These software bags along with quite a number of mouth-watering features such as recovering lost files, switching from one phone to anotherbacking up and restoring, repairing your iOS system, rooting your device or even unlock your locked device.

below are some reviews about the softeware[dr.fone-transfer]

It gives users absolute flexibility while transferring media files without any risk of data loss while synching.

It also has a user-friendly interface and someone with no technical skills can also copy files with a single click without the need for any geeky tips or tricks to have control of your media files.

Now check out the steps below,

First;  download dr.fone and install it on your pc, Launch it and choose Transfer from the home screen.

Second; Connect your iPhone to your PC using USB cable and click on “Transfer Device Photos to PC”.

Check out photos below;

Third;  dr.fone- Transfer (iOS) will immediately start to scan your device for all photos.

When the scan is done, you can customize the save path on your popup window and start to transfer all photos on the iPhone to the computer.

Check the image below’

Also If you would like to selectively transfer photos from iPhone to the computer you can go to the Photos tab and select any photos you want to transfer to the computer and then click on Export to pc.

See also the image below;

I hope you really like these steps, do contact us for any assistance.


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