How to easily Download Subtitles In VLC Media Player[Download vlc]

How to easily Download Subtitles In VLC Media Player[Download vlc]
How to easily Download Subtitles In VLC Media Player[Download vlc]

How to easily Download Subtitles In VLC Media Player[Download vlc]

Below are few simple steps you may follow to download subtitles in vlc media player.

Download VLC Media player

i just feel like droping these guild because i have come to understand how heartbreaking it is to realise the movie you downloaded has no subtitles on it , even after clicking on menu and on subtitles, yet its not showing.

Especially, when it’s a language you don’t understand, or perhaps, you’re a subtitle fan like me.

So today, I’ll make sure to guide you through the steps on how to enable/activate/download subtitles on VLC media player without hiccups.

Before we proceed,pls make sure you’re watching the movie on the VLC Media Player.

Download Subtitles In VLC Media Player

Play the movie through VLC Media Player, and when the movie is still playing, please make sure your internet is on.

However, while the movie is still playing and you’ve checked to see if you can enable subtitles in VLC media player through the menu and it didn’t work.

Then here are simple steps to follow;

Step 1 : Click on the “View” option at the top of the menu and locate the VLC Subtitles or VLCSub just like in the image below;

Step 2 : When you click on the VLC Subtitles or VLCSub, the below image will come up, all you have to do is click on the Search by name as seen below.

Always Make sure your internet is connected.

Step 3 : Within 5 seconds after clicking the “Search by name“, you will see some subtitles download in the empty box as seen the picture below.

Download VLC Media player

Step 4 : All you have to do is select the one you want, but should have ENG[means english in full] on it, anyone you want at all. In case, you want a language other than English, you could change it from the subtitle language from the 2nd step.

As seen in the picture below, I selected one from the list, and clicked on “Download Selection“. You should do same.

Step 5 : After downloading the subtitles, you will see a success message which reads “Subtitles Loaded“.as seen in the picture below;

Step 6[Final stage] : Just after that, close the tab, and you will notice the subtitles has been enabled and you’re ready to watch a fun-filled movie. see pictur below;

i hope the guidline is simple and easy to understand right?, but incase you have any question, just drop it via our comment box.


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