Types Of Hard Drive[HDD] and San Disk[SSD] In Computer And Their Sizes

Types Of Hard Drive[HDD] and San Disk[SSD] In Computer And Their Sizes

Type of Hard disk drive[HDD] and San Disk[SSD] and their different sizes.

Below are types of Hard Disk Drive [HDD]/ San Disk [SSD] and various sizes which can be found on any type of Laptop

1.SATA Hard Disk Drive: This can be found in many new modern pc, they are the type of HDD that has a flat connector like in pics below,

They also have their different sizes,

* 1terabyte,











*40Gb etc.

2. IDE Hard Disk Drive: This type of HDD possess pin connector, they can be found in some old pc

Their sizes are much lower than that of Sata Hard Disk Drive. see pics and their sizes below;







Note: The major difference between SATA and IDE Hard Disk Drive is their connector and sizes,

3.San Disk sata[SSD]: This type is smaller than that of HDD Sata and IDE, they can be found in Mini laptop and also can be found in bigger laptop, most of the time ‘Elite book’mini. it possesses the same connector like that of SATA HDD.

See photo and their sizes;

* 80GB,




*250GB. etc.

4. IDE San Disk[SSD]: This type can also be found in  mini laptop and somtimes in bigger laptops, they also possess pin connector,

see photos their sizes,





*160GB. etc.

Below are The major difference between HDD and San disk[SSD] listed above,

Like a memory stick, there are no moving parts to an SSD[San disk]. Rather, information is stored in microchips.

But a hard disk drive[HDD]uses a mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information from the right location on a storage platter.



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